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It is an honor for Indonesia particularly Indonesian National Police who has been selected to host the International Association of Women Police Conference which will be held on September 6-10, 2020. The IAWP organization has been established for 104 year and for the very first time, this conference will be conducted in Asia Region.

The conference will be attended by 700 women police from all over the world. Therefore participant can utilize this conference as a platform to build network and share best practices.

This conference will provide various activities such as training/seminar, awards for outstanding law enforcement officer, humanitarian program, class discussion, share experinces as well as best practices, cultural exploration, cultural/institution/organization promotion stan from each representative and opportunities to build international networking. Theme of the conference is “Women at the Center Stage of Policing”. This theme will give an understanding to international law enforcement officer especially women police that In this globalization era the role of women is not only as supporting agent but as main actor in policing.

On the auspicous opportunity, we are seeking your participation to run this conference successfully. Your participation and contribution in this IAWP conference will be highly appreciated.