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Police Brigadier General Ida Oetari: IAWP Conference Becomes a Policewoman's Step Toward Policing Ma
Sunday 08 March 2020, 19:16
Share: - Indonesian National Police is holding a Policewomen Towards the Main Policing Workshop at the Mercure Ancol Hotel, Pademangan, North Jakarta, Tuesday (03/03/20).

IAWP 2020 Chairperson, Brigadier General Ida Oetari Poernamasari SAP, MA explained, the event was held in the framework of the 2020 International Association of Women Police (IAWP) which will be held in September 2020 in Yogyakarta.

"This event is related to our plan to hold the 58th IAWP international conference, where Indonesia won the bidding to host the first time in Asia," he explained.

Pol Brig. Gen. Ida Oetari P said that with this event, all Policewomen could have the same pattern to realize Women at The Center Stage of Policing.

"The Innovation of Policewomen is now undoubtedly in the national and international arena. In the National, not only in terms of position, but matters of service to the community and in law enforcement, "he said.

Whereas in the international arena, continued Brigadier General Ida, many Indonesian Policewomen have become peacekeeping in world peace assignments and attend conferences and increase capacity internationally.

Police Brigadier General Ida Oetari hopes that the holding of the IAWP 2020 in Yogyakarta on September 6-11 will be a step towards realizing the Policewomen heading to the main stage of policing.


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