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After the Workshop, Policewomen were Asked to Show Their Capabilities to the World
Sunday 08 March 2020, 19:09

JAKARTA, KILAS24.COM - September 2020 the International Association of Women Police (IAWP) conference will be held in Yogyakarta. In the international event the Indonesian Police (Polwan) RI, were asked to show their abilities to the world. Previously these policewomen had been provided with following the Workshop in Ancol, from Monday to today.

Kadiv Hubinter Polri, Inspector General of Police Napoleon Bonaparte, said that the Indonesian state had the honor of being a host.

"Indonesia has the honor of being the first host for the Asian continent. This is a good momentum from the National Police, especially Policewomen, to be able to show the world that our Policewoman is not inferior to Policewomen throughout the world, "explained Napoleon to KILAS24.COM, Tuesday (3/3).

Further affirmed Napoleon, the workshop was not just a celebration but also more on the great work that the Policewomen would do to show assistance as it should and narrow the gap over gender differences.

"Based on the facts, the Policewomen have demonstrated their capacity and ability to compete with male police," he stressed.

Napoleon still expressed, wants to show the world that in Indonesia there is no gender issue and it has been proven that even Indonesian leaders have been led by women.

"And now we see the percentage of ministers of women showing great capacity," he added.

Thus, even in organizations which Napoleon said were seen looking appalled in security apparatus organizations such as the TNI / Polri. Policewomen can already show their capacity.

"The public needs to understand that each line of Polri's work contains strong Policewomen. In Brimob, in Detachment 88, in the Polri battering forces, there were Policewomen who were no less capable than men. This is the same equal competition for all police and members to compete for good, "he said.

Another thing in the statement of Kadiv Hubinter Polri, the National Police Chief has ordered to increase the capacity of Policewomen on the National Police stage. Until now, said Napoleon, on the world stage. In the near future there will be a police chief from Polwan. Therefore, according to him, the capacity of Policewomen should not be doubted anymore, so far Polri Polri has demonstrated the ability to be on par with men.

"Maybe so far the public only sees Polwan - Polwan in Jakarta as Traffic Police, who have an attractive and gentle appearance. But not many public see how we have the task of Policewomen in the Detachment, in the Anti-Terror Brimob, and in the beating units. They show that they are not inferior to men, "said Napoleon.

Affirmed Napoleon, Polri Polri who were in the force were always trained and expelled at certain conditions. Then the addition of Polwan personnel was carried out two years ago and had recruited 9,000 Polwan throughout Indonesia.

"It goes ahead by placing the percentage of recruitment of female police officers increasing from year to year from formation education to development education to increase their capacity," he explained.

Furthermore, the Policewoman does not divide the National Police but instead enters each unit from the largest unit to the smallest unit so that it can blend. According to him, is the right method to eliminate gender disparities so that they can be integrated.

"So every police service line has policewomen. Polri leaders have seen potential candidates for Polwan. Who knows, in the future, after attending the workshop, he would be a leader, "he added.

Reporter: Dedy Mulyadi


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