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Indonesia Hospitality Night: How Indonesian Policewomen Warm Togetherness with Diverse Cultures
Tuesday 24 September 2019, 00:00

A total of 400 representatives from various countries attended the invitation from Indonesia as a delegation of the IAWP 2020 Hospitality Night event at the 49th State Brewing Company Building, Anchorage, Alaska. Using traditional clothing complete with attributes and knick-knacks, 24 Indonesian Policewomen presented their best performances at the art performance that night.

Papuan Tassel Skirts, Special Dayak beads and patterns, Palembang Songket, North Sumatra Ulos, Lampung Tapis Fabric, Javanese and Balinese Kebaya, South Sulawesi Bodo Clothes decorate the appearance of 24 Indonesian female police officers. After the opening ceremony, they were amazed by the fashion show of traditional clothes that suddenly appeared from behind the stage curtain.

Police Brigadier General Dr. Dra. Juansih, S.H., M.Hum. opened Host Night by inviting guests to enjoy the entire meal and series of events. Then, Police Brig. Gen. Khrisna Murti, S.I.K., M.Sc. representing the Head of the Indonesian National Police, said that Indonesia has a lot of cultural beauty, as well as tourist destinations which is absolutely can be the final destination before returning ti their respective countries.

Welcomed by Police Brig General Dra. Ida Oetari, S.A.P., M.A. to invite guests to toast, but not with wine, but with "Wedang Uwuh" brought directly from Yogyakarta. Wedang Uwuh is a typical drink with several ingredients from of leaves and similar to rubbish, but has a sweet and spicy flavor with ginger flavor.

The typical Maumere dance from Ende City, and the Tobelo Dance from North Maluku, delivered by Indonesian policewoman, attracted the attention and enthusiasm of the invited guest. Not only that, all guests also invited to dissolve in dangdut music that was played at the end of the event. The invited guests also took the initiative to make a big circle and dance around the room until late at night.

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