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Indonesia Hosts the First World Women's International Police Conference in 2020
Thursday 26 September 2019, 00:00

The International Association of Women Police (IAWP) Conference is an organization that houses female police worldwide, founded in 1915 in Los Angeles, California, United States. Until this day, IAWP members consist of 73 countries, and annually hold international conferences in different countries.

After running for 104 years, Indonesia was chosen as the first host country in Asia to host the IAWP Conference in 2020, precisely in Yogyakarta. This achievement was achieved because 3 delegations of Indonesian Policewomen won the Bidding in Quito, Ecuador on March 5 with a stunning presentation from the Board Directors. The delegation was led by Police Brigadier General Dra. Ida Oetari Poernamasari, S.A.P., M.A, and members of Police Superintendent Yuli Cahyanti, S.S., M.Sc, and Police Senior Inspector Anggraini Putri, SIK.

Indonesian Policewomen raised the main theme "Women at The Center Stage of Policing" and winning the event when faced with delegation from Chichago, United States. In a suquence of preparations leading up to the IAWP 2020, as many as 24 delegates from the Indonesian Policewomen took part in the 57th IAWP Training Conference 2019 in Anchorage, Alaska, US with the aim of reporting on the development of Indonaesia's readiness as the Host of the IAWP 2020 at the Board of Director Meeting, making a thorough observation of the implementation of the 2019 IAWP as a reference for organizing the IAWP Conference next year.

The Indonesian delegation was led by Police Brigadier General Dra. Ida Oetari Purnamasari, S.A.P., M.A as the Chairman of Region 23 who in charge of 19 countries, and was accompanied by Police Inspector General Dr. H.S. Maltha, SIK., S.H., M.Sc as the Head of the International Relations Division of the Indonesian National Police, and Police Brigadier General Khrishna Murti, SIK., M.Sc as the Karomicinter of the National Police Divhubinter.

At the opening ceremony, Parade of Nation was held which aimed to show that the International Conferences was attended by delegations of Policewoman from various parts of the world. RI's contingent of Police Officers managed to attrach the attention of residents who watched alog the parade route with yells, uniforms and attributes worn.

Then, the delegation from the Indonesian Police also held a Hospitality Night, chaired by Police Brigadier General Dr. Dra. Juansih, S.H., M. Hum. to promote Indonesian culture and at the same time invite 2019 IAWP participants to be present in Yogyakarta in 2020.

In the event, Indonesian delegation succeeded in displaying an interesting culture performances and getting appreciation from various countries, even exceeding the target audience of 500 people.

In addition to hosting Host Night, in the context of promoting the IAWP 2020, the Indonesian Police Delegation also participated in the 2019 IAWP Exhibition Booth by providing various Indonesian-specific souvenirs, as well as showing ways to make batik to Indonesian booth visitors. Registration also opened directly by Indonesia for participants who want to take partin the IAWP 2020, and can be accessed through the official website:

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